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Ohthere's voyages [Medieval Norway]

Ohthere's voyages.jpg
Janet Bately & Anton Englert(eds.)
Ohthere's voyages. A late 9th century account of voyages along the coasts of Norway and Denmark and its cultural context(Maritime culture of the North 1)
Roskilde: Viking Ship Museum 2007, 216 p.

Forword(Jan Bill & Nanna Damgård-Sørensen)

1. the source
- Ohthere and Wulfstan in the Old English Orosius(Janet Bately & E. G. Stanley)
- Text and translation(Janet Bately)
- Translation notes(Janet Bately & E. G. Stanley)

2. geography
- Early medieval accounts of the North before the Old English Orosius(Ian Wood)]
- Geography, toponymy and political organisation in early Scandinavia(Stefan Brink)

3. At home
- Ohthere and his world - a contemporary perspective(Inger Storli & Else Roesdahl)
- Borg in Lofoten. A chieftain's farm in north Norway(Gerd Stamsø Munch)
- Who were the Finnas?(Irmeli Valtonen)
- Who were the Cwenas?(Irmeli Valtonen)

4. At sea
- Ohthere's vessel(Arne Emil Christensen)
- Ohthere's voyages seen from a nautical angle(Anton Englert)
- The fifth day. Ohthere's route throught the Schlei fjord(Andres Siegfried Dobat)

5. Ohthere's destinations: Norway, Denmark and England(Peter Sawyer)
- The land of Beormas(Nikolaj A. Makarov)
- The Sciringes healh of Ohthere's time(Dagfinn Skre)
- Hedeby in Ohthere's time(Michae Müller-Wille & Sven Kalmring)

6. trade and exchange
- Communication and exchange in northwest Europe(Stéphene Lebecq)
- Economic policy, property and professional traders(Carsten Müller-Boysen)

List of authers

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