Runes and their Secrets. Studies in Runology [Runes]

Marie Stoklund et ali.(eds.)
Runes and their Secrets. Studies in Runology
København: Museum Tusculanum Press, 2006, 461 p.

- Standardised fuþarks: A useful tool or a delusion ?, by Michael P. Barnes
- On Öpir's pictures, by Lise Gjedssø Bertelsen
- How to do things with runes: a semiotic approach to operative communication, by Stephen E. Flowers
- Rune-names: the Irish connection, by Alan Griffiths
- Dating the Swedish Viking-Age rune stones on stylistic grounds, by Anne-Sofie Gräslund
- Runic writing and Latin literacy at the end of the Middle Ages: A case study, by Jan Ragnar Hagland
- The introduction and use of runic letters on Danish coins around the year 1065, by Jørgen Steen Jensen
- South Germanic runic inscriptions as testimonies of early literacy, by Katrin Lühti
- Ligatures in early runic and Roman inscriptions, by Mindy MacLeod
- Runes in the first century, by Bernard Mees
- Das Norwegische Runengedicht - was sich hinter den zweiten Zeilen verbirgt, by Bernd Neuner
- The Early runic inscriptions and Germanic historical linguistics, by Hans Frede Nielsen
- Anglo-Saxon runes: some statistical problems, by R. I. Page
- The Jelling monuments - ancient royal memorial and modern world heritage site, by Anne Pedersen
- Zur Runeninschrift auf dem Schemel von Wremen, by Matthias D Schön, Klaus Düwel, Rolf Heine & Edith Marold
- From Tune to Eggja - the ontology of language change, by Terje Spurkland
- Johan Bure och hans runaräfst, by Per Stille
- Chronology and typology of the Danish runic inscriptions, by Marie Stoklund
- The yew-rune and the runes ¥, G, h and i in the Old English corpus(epigraphical material), by Gaby Waxenberger
- Bracteate inscriptions through the looking glass: A microscopic view of manufacturing techniques, by Nancy L. Wicker
- Christian runic inscriptions in a dynamic context, by Kristel Zilmer
- Closing speech, Fifth International Symposium on Runes and Runic Inscriptions, Jelling: August 2000, by R. I. Page

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Runeprojekt Kiel」:前期ルーン(24字ルーン)のデータベース
An English Dictionary of Runic Inscriptions in the Younger Futhark」:後期ルーン(16字ルーン)のデータベース
Old English Runes Project」:アングロサクソンとフリースラントのルーン(データベースそのものはキール・プロジェクトに含まれる)
Runeinnskrifter fra Bryggen i Bergen」:ノルウェー・ブリッゲンで発掘された中世ルーン・データベース

現在ルーンの刊本を入手することは難しいが、これらのデータベースが完成され、恒久的なオープンソースとなれば、ルーン研究へのアクセスも容易となろう。ただしキール・プロジェクトは解説や文献目録を備えた完全版を冊子媒体で準備しつつある。なお、文献目録も含めたルーン研究の最新情報は毎年オスロで公刊される「Nytt om runer」に掲載される。



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